Astronomy: meetings, web resources

Recent conferences I have attended/plan to attend:

  • COSPAR (to be held in Sydney in 2021).
  • IAUS 357: White Dwarfs as probes of fundamental physics and tracers of planetary, stellar & galactic evolution in Hilo, Hawaii (Oct. 2019).
  • Compact White Dwarf Binaries in Yerevan, Armenia (Sept. 2019).
  • Supernova Remnants II in Chania, Crete (June 2019).
  • Fifty One Erg (FOE) in Raleigh, North Carolina (May 2019).

  • Good resource for learning (university-level) astronomy: Astronomy Notes.
  • Various astronomy resources and websites for children!
  • Gravitational wave astronomy from the ground: LIGO, Virgo.
  • Gravitational wave astronomy from space: LISA.