Student projects

I have several research projects available for qualified students!

Possible graduate research projects under my supervision at UNSW Canberra include research topics in both theoretical and observational astrophysics. Experience in computer programming (e.g. C, python) is an asset. Prospective PhD students with high academic standing are strongly encouraged to apply. Some information about basic requirements for program eligibility are available here: PhD program at UNSW Canberra

Our Astrophysics Group page (under construction).

Here are some examples of possible projects:

  • Binary star systems that will be detected with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory (formerly LSST)
  • Gravitational wave signatures of transient events in the local Universe (for future detection with LISA)
  • Modelling mass transfer in interacting binary systems (Roche-lobe overflow, common envelope)
  • Thermonuclear explosions in stars: various aspects
  • Stellar/Binary evolution population synthesis
  • Observations of planetary nebulae/mass loss in binary stars

Please contact me if you are interested (more information here):